Day of Rest

I took a much-needed day of rest today, first one in longer than it should have been. Able to clear my head of worldly busy-ness I found this occupying that holy space inside my soul today. Inviting you to join me in song. Or just listen.


. A longtime close friend told me recently that they are transgender and transitioning. All of a sudden a lot of questions that had seemed distant and theoretical became close-up and personal for me. This isn’t just a casual friend. This is one of a small number of friends whom I had known to beContinue reading “Transgender”


. Recently I read an obscure law journal article published in 2003 titled, “Innocent Until Proven Guilty: The Origins of a Legal Maxim,” by a guy named Kenneth Pennington. Why I read this kind of stuff for fun and recreation … well … let’s just say that I’m a nerd. When I was a kidContinue reading “Paucapalea”