Rev. Dr. MLK: How to Love Your Enemies

On the U.S. holiday set apart to honor the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. it seems only right to take a look at some of his sermons. He was, after all, a Preacher. He gave a sermon in 1957 on Matthew 5:43-45 which has particular relevance today. In the polarized worldly environment we liveContinue reading “Rev. Dr. MLK: How to Love Your Enemies”

Is Evil Part of God’s Plan?

Sometimes I have trouble accepting that troublesome worldly times are part of God’s plan. I work on that. A lot. And God has been providing plenty of opportunities to work on that lately. Especially related to the pandemic I have heard Pastors and other Christian leaders say many times, “This may seem like out-of-control chaosContinue reading “Is Evil Part of God’s Plan?”