Praying For The Right Thing

There are things in my life that have seemed to be in a stuck place for a long time. I’ve prayed and prayed for help but my prayers were not being answered.

In a moment of clarity this week, rather than praying for God to fix this or fix that or make X, Y or Z happen, instead I prayed that God would let me see what His plan is for my worldly circumstances.

The next night I had a dream. It was partial, incomplete, moving from one fragment to another fragment. But most importantly I saw that there is a path from this “stuck” place to one that is much better and most importantly not hopeless and not stuck.

I believe that God answered my prayer by showing me His plan. I also believe that I am not capable of fully understanding God’s will, which is why it seemed fragmented and partial.

But I did catch a glimpse of the path, enough to know that there is one.

I felt an immediate joy – not an Earthly joy, but God’s joy.

I also realized that God is teaching me. I’m not as sure about this, but I think what He is teaching me is not to try to substitute my plans for His.

When I was praying for Him to fix this, fix that, etc., I was asking Him to help me with my own plan for getting “unstuck.” But when I asked Him to show me His plan, that was when I was able to see that there is a path, and God’s will, not my own, will lead me there.

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