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The War Against Christmas

This will be the first year I will be celebrating Christmas as a Christian. In all honesty, I’ve kind of been dreading it. I truly dislike “secular Christmas” which seems to overshadow the religious celebration of Jesus’s birth these days. And I’m nervous about friends & family and acquaintances with whom I’ve been pretty publicContinue reading “The War Against Christmas”


When I was a senior in high school my brave high school English teacher taught a unit on “The ineffable experience.” I say he was brave because I personally can’t imagine trying to bring up that word, let alone that concept, let alone teach anything meaningful about it, in a room full of high schoolContinue reading “Ineffable”

How Much Time?

How much time do you spend reading the Bible? For pretty much the past year, when I first decided – before I became a Christian – that I needed to read the Gospels to learn more about Christians’ relationship with God, I’ve been spending about 2 hours/day reading and studying the Bible. It’s a hugeContinue reading “How Much Time?”

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