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. She played with my kids when they were young, well, sometimes. None of the neighborhood kids liked Jenny. So usually she played alone. Jenny was always … different. Rebellious and angry right from the start, she cussed. She hated. She bullied everyone in sight. She seemed happiest when she succeeded at making someone else…

Praying For The Right Thing

There are things in my life that have seemed to be in a stuck place for a long time. I’ve prayed and prayed for help but my prayers were not being answered. In a moment of clarity this week, rather than praying for God to fix this or fix that or make X, Y or…

The Day That God Has Made

Today is the day that God has made. God – the creator of the Universe. The Creator of everything. He presented us with this gift today – the day He created just for us. It is so easy to criticize the day … too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too many clouds, too…

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