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Praying For The Right Thing

There are things in my life that have seemed to be in a stuck place for a long time. I’ve prayed and prayed for help but my prayers were not being answered. In a moment of clarity this week, rather than praying for God to fix this or fix that or make X, Y or…

The Day That God Has Made

Today is the day that God has made. God – the creator of the Universe. The Creator of everything. He presented us with this gift today – the day He created just for us. It is so easy to criticize the day … too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too many clouds, too…


My longtime friend, almost 20 years … we’ve been through a lot of life on Planet Earth in those 20 years … for all but one of them I knew my friend as a male. We were always actual genuine friends [not wink, wink, “friends”]. Not sexually interested in one another. It was one of…

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