The Weaver

“Maybe you should write a blog post about that,” said my friend to whom I’d just been describing my vision of God as a weaver. “Hmm, yeah, maybe I should,” I said noncommittally. So today I’ve been thinking about weavers. I have an image in my heart of God as a weaver, eternally weaving togetherContinue reading “The Weaver”


Today I attended the livestreamed funeral service for a 17-year old activist in our church. This week a freak car accident took the lives of three high school students in our community. It’s easy to jump to conclusions – and many did – about young people, carelessness, alcohol, drugs, dangerous behavior, goofing off, and whatContinue reading “Funeral”


God’s stinkbugs. A so-called invasive species. For some reason beyond my worldly comprehension, the Author of all things saw fit to bring them here to crawl up the windowsills, doorways, and every other place they can find to try to get inside as the weather gets cooler. They’re just like skunks. When feeling startled, threatened,Continue reading “Stinkbugs”


I feel like my relationship with God is different from that of other people I know. At first I assumed that everyone’s relationship with God was just like mine. I was totally blown away by it and wanted to talk about that with everybody who was willing. I couldn’t believe that born-again Christians who hadContinue reading “Different”