I really was looking forward to attending church (on-line) this week, but when Sunday morning arrived my heart wasn’t in it. My mind was filled sadness, and my heart kept trying to creep silently toward despair. I was grumpy about the sermon topic (“reviewing events of the past year?” really? do we have to?) andContinue reading “Sermon”


This is the first year that I have been a Christian on Christmas. I never liked the way Christmas was celebrated before I became a Christian – not (as some would suppose) because I “hated Christians” or because I was envious of all the presents Christian children received. I thoroughly disliked “Christmas” as celebrated inContinue reading “Christmas”


Let me just say that I love the I.T. Helpdesk at work. You call a number and tell them about your computer troubles and they provide solutions! Wouldn’t it be great to have a Helpdesk for so many other aspects of life? You cooked a soup that tastes too bland, call the soup Helpdesk! YourContinue reading “Helpdesk”