Quieting the Chatter

I am a verbal person. I praise God for that. It is a gift from Him and I know that.

But sometimes it is also a curse. I know I misuse my own chatter sometimes as a way of keeping a distance – and that is a sin. There are times when I even do that with God.

My prayer life tends to be full of chatter. I want to tell God all about what is in my mind, what’s in my heart, where I’m struggling and where I feel blessed. It like I’m almost desperate … to be … known, and God is the only one I trust to understand the real me.

I had a little epiphany recently. God already knows me. I don’t need to tell Him who I am. And maybe with all that chatter I’m not doing enough listening.

I am very much in need of some quality 1:1 time with God these days. So today I decided to cut the chatter and just be with Him. I sat quietly with God for a good 25 minutes this morning and it was amazing. It’s hard to keep the running internal chatter at bay, but I wasn’t mentally chattering at Him. I was listening in case He wanted to speak to my heart. And mostly I just sat with Him in silence, and in awe that God — the God of the whole Universe — would take the time to just be with me for a while.

God is way beyond awesome. There are no words….

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