The Book of Revelation

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I finally finished my class on the Book of Revelation.

At least this time I got all the way through it.

When I started this class I wrote:

“So I’m putting my faith in God to lead … praying that He will open my heart to a better understanding of Him through this study of Revelation.”

August 22, 2021

I’ve written here many times about the awesome ways that God answers my prayers. Well, sometimes I feel like He doesn’t (or hasn’t yet), and this is one of them.

The reason I prayed for His help before I started this class is because I was genuinely traumatized by the Book of Revelation the first time I read it, which – oddly enough – was almost exactly a year ago this week.

I guess I feel a little less traumatized than I did a year ago, but its really clear to me that I definitely don’t enjoy studying about, or even thinking about the final battle between good and evil.

Even the professor who was teaching the class mentioned several times that as a Pastor he really didn’t like preaching about some parts of Revelation. But he always followed that by cautioning his seminary students, “but we must. We have to preach all of God’s word, whether we enjoy it or not.”

So maybe God did answer my prayer but just not the way I’d hoped He would. I still don’t understand my visceral distaste of His word as He chose to reveal it. I don’t want to be that way. I think I need to spend some more 1:1 time with God opening my heart to a better understanding of His word … and what He wants us to learn from this way of revealing Himself to us.

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