The Weaver

“Maybe you should write a blog post about that,” said my friend to whom I’d just been describing my vision of God as a weaver.

“Hmm, yeah, maybe I should,” I said noncommittally.

So today I’ve been thinking about weavers.

I have an image in my heart of God as a weaver, eternally weaving together all the infinite intricate threads of His creation. No detail is too small for His utmost attention. And the result is the awesome and Eternal tapestry of His Creation. It is no wonder that He is aggrieved when we debauch His creation with our sin. But He picks right up and continues weaving, using any broken threads we have left behind to continue to weave His perfect Creation.

The seasons are changing – it’s getting colder outside, and all God’s outdoor creatures are seeking indoor warmth to get them through the cold winter. I’ve been thinking of how God weaves together all the intricate threads of life.

Feeling a tad under the weather today, I spent a long time watching a spider carefully weaving an awesome web in one corner of the ceiling. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I decided to leave her alone. Either she’ll catch enough flying insects to keep herself fed, in which case I’ll be just as glad not to have them flying around inside, or she won’t – in which case she’ll go find a better spot. I wished her well and said a little prayer for her. We can pray for spiders, right? Well I did. They’re God’s creatures too.

And then there are my all-time favorite folks singers, The Weavers. I never realized before that “When the Saints go Marching In” is about the Book of Revelation. This clip is from a backyard reunion, 30 years after their heyday as touring folksingers.

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