God’s stinkbugs. A so-called invasive species.

For some reason beyond my worldly comprehension, the Author of all things saw fit to bring them here to crawl up the windowsills, doorways, and every other place they can find to try to get inside as the weather gets cooler.

They’re just like skunks. When feeling startled, threatened, pursued, crushed, swept, poisoned, nudged, swatted, stepped on or trapped they emit a foul odor that lives up to their name.

I’m looking forward to someday gaining a better understanding of God’s purpose in creating stinkbugs.

And just in case that isn’t a very compelling Christian puzzlement, my other puzzlement of the day was to wonder whether our souls will still have different personalities in Heaven or whether we’ll all be exactly like Jesus.

I decided to write about stinkbugs instead.

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