God’s Technology

Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels.com

“I hate to admit it,” my coworker said sheepishly, “but my wife and I haven’t been to church in person in over a year. We attend on-line all the time now. “

Having just spent the past month studying the Book of Job with my Bible study buddy, it was fresh in my mind how often well-meaning friends give bad advice.

So I asked, “Does that worry you?”

But what I wanted to say was, “I think God’s OK with that! God knows what’s in your heart. I think He gave us all this fantastic technology to help us continue to worship Him even in the midst of these challenging times.”

Of course we should all pray about this, especially if we’re concerned that we may not be doing what God wants us to do.

But I view technology as a miracle. God has given us these miraculous ways of connecting with one another, worshiping together, sharing our testimonies, evangelizing, and studying His word … even amidst a pandemic. I don’t believe He is at all offended when we make use of the technology He has provided in order to keep ourselves and our communities healthy and safe.

“I’m pretty sure God understands,” I said to my co-worker. “Maybe you should pray about it and ask Him directly.”

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