Summer Bible-Reading

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I’m looking for a good Summer Bible-reading plan/project, something for about the next 9 or 10 weeks.

My small group Bible study doesn’t meet over the summer, and one other person in the group & I – both early risers – thought we’d enjoy spending the summer reading the Bible together early in the morning (both of our favorite times of the day, especially in the summer).

It sounded like a great idea until we started trying to decide what to read. We just haven’t had anything jump out at us yet, as a good Summer-size portion of the Bible for 2 relatively new Christians who both enjoy reading and talking about the Bible.

Our whole church spent the summer reading Psalms last summer, so I’d rather not do Psalms again.

But if anyone has any great ideas for summer-sized Books or themes or other chunks of the Bible for a couple of new (emphasis on new) Christian friends to read together over the summer, feel free to leave ideas or suggestions in a comment!


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