Holy Week

This year is my first Holy Week as a Christian.

While I often struggle to understand the Bible and the guidance provided by the Holy Spirit and the theology of Christianity, I also sometimes stop and just think, “Y’know, I’ve learned a lot in the past year.”

I’m developing that personal relationship with God that I often yearned for but never had until I came to Jesus.

And I can’t help but also notice that, although the global pandemic has brought dispair and anxiety to many – not to diminish that at all, but – for me it has been a blessing. Without the worldly realities of the pandemic I never would have had the time and focus to really work on developing my relationship with God as I have during this time of relative separation and isolation from most worldly happenings.

I still have real trouble with the enormity of Jesus’s sacrifice for my sins. But Holy Week is a perfect time to face that truth, and with the help and discipline of the Holy Spirit, not allow my discomfort to cause me to look away.

Overall, I feel blessed and grateful beyond words.

It seems almost too lame to say, but there are no other words besides Thank You Jesus.

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