Does God Still Heal Miraculously?

This past week I participated in a Bible study group addressing God’s power to heal.

It got me thinking about the terrifying polio epidemics of the 1930s and 19402 and 1950s, which I’m sure caused many to pray for a miracle from God.

And today we no longer have recurring polio epidemics in most of the world. Praise God!

A friend of mine suffered a childhood cancer that would have killed him years earlier. But he received a newly discovered treatment for his childhood cancer when he was a child, and has now been a robustly healthy cancer-free adult for decades. Praise God!

Another friend was seriously injured in a tornado several years ago — 33 surgeries and a year of physical rehab later he was back in the same home, married to the same wife and working in the same job as before he was injured. Praise God!

I believe that all healing comes from God, including healing that we attribute to scientific medicine. God created science too.

Maybe we are surrounded by miracles of healing that we sometimes don’t even think of as God’s miraculous healing. Praise God!

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