Theology is Not a Luxury

… with Apologies to Audre Lorde (“Poetry is Not a Luxury”) …

Today the Holy Spirit led me to read the full statement of faith of the theological seminary from which the Sr. Pastor of my church graduated in the 1980s.

This seems like an odd choice of reading material since I have no plans to attend a seminary and no reason to doubt my Sr. Pastor’s faith.

But what a fantastic document it is … itself a work of theology explaining in careful detail what the beliefs are – and why – that underlie the teachings of the seminary.

There were so many times as I was reading it when I thought, “Ahhh, now I understand….”

Maybe that’s just how my own mind works. But there were so many Biblical concepts that I’ve heard about, and read the relevant Bible verses from which they spring, but about which I was still really perplexed … that totally came to life in that detailed Statement of Faith. So many, “Ohh, I get it now!” moments….

Infinite gratitude to the Holy Spirit for leading me to that document!

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