Challenging Times

There are times during our life as humans when all is not well. That’s just the way it is.

And God doesn’t expect us to fake it.

Sometimes it almost seems like if we’re not always filled with peace and joy, we’re not being good Christians. Or if we can’t focus on His eternal Love rather than on worldly troubles we must not be doing something right.

But Lament – that’s a real thing. God’s Word makes sure to show us plenty of examples of lament, I’m guessing at least in part to let us know that it’s Okay to feel despair. I mean, God decided what would be in the Bible. And He put Lament in there for us to learn from. So He already knows about it anyway. It’s Okay to tell God about the most stressed out and dejected things in our heart – He can take it, and won’t think any less of us for it.

I’ve come to believe that God uses the most challenging worldly times to grow and strengthen our souls. Which is not to say that it’s easy or feels at all good while it is happening. It’s like strengthening a muscle – it doesn’t get any stronger if you never push it beyond what it can already do. And that doesn’t always feel all great and wonderful while you’re doing it.

A few days ago I posted this thought:

I think my insight for today is:

Some days you won’t feel like praying.

Pray anyway.

God wants to know. He doesn’t expect us to entertain Him with fake smiles and happiness we don’t really feel. The Bible tells us so – many times over.

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