Grateful to the Holy Spirit

I’m taking a totally awesome class on Foundations of Christianity.

Before I became a Christian I really didn’t know anything about the Holy Spirit. As I learn more of what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit I can see so many of the ways that He came along side me and was active in leading me to Jesus. I didn’t even realize that’s what was happening at the time. All I knew was that I was having a lot of experiences for which I had no words.

I guess as time went on I started to make more sense of those raw experiences. I knew that God was guiding me, leading me, sometimes even directly speaking to me, or correcting me (telling me in no uncertain terms to stop certain habits that were contrary to His will), and teaching me how to pray during my conversion journey. But it took me a little longer to come to understand that this Presence who had become more and more of a constant in my everyday life and prayers was the Holy Spirit at work.

Tonight’s class was about some of the ways that the Holy Spirit works to bring non-believers to Jesus. Its funny, we were looking at Bible passages I already know, but when a teacher more knowledgeable than I can pull relevant verses together from several different books of the Bible it really paints a powerful picture.

I found myself thinking, “Wow, he’s telling MY story. How did he know???”

Well, I think the answer is because you don’t have to already know what the Bible says or be a theologian in order that what it says be true. It’s the Word of God … true regardless of any individual’s knowledge or beliefs.

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about loving Jesus. But I haven’t ever heard anyone saying they feel grateful to the Holy Spirit.

Is that even a Thing?

It’s how I feel today.

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