Bringing Jesus to Work

A lot of workplaces, including mine, frown upon or outright prohibit proselytizing at work.

That makes sense because you’re supposed to be working on work time, and unless you work for a religious organization, telling others about Jesus probably isn’t what your employer is paying you to do.

I’ve been reading some articles about bringing one’s Christian values to work, which often recommend things like being known for your honesty, integrity, even temper, treating other people with empathy and respect, etc., etc.

But sometimes, for me anyway, some practical tips for how exactly to do that are helpful.

I came across one really practical suggestion recently that’s exactly the kind of practical advice I need, so I thought I’d share:

“Today, if you see an email or a text come in and you think it might get under your skin, take a moment before reading the message to ask the Holy Spirit to bless you with self-control. Take a moment before each meeting to ask Jesus to fill you with his love for the people you are about to speak with, so that you can continue to demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit in your interactions with your coworkers.”

How spot-on! And practical. And doable.

This is my personal growth focus for this week.

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