God is Totally Awesome

Four days ago I wrote:

“… I find myself missing the pure awe and wonderment that once was the totality of my relationship with God…”

“As always, I am praying for His guidance. I know because I have personally experienced it many times already, that when I ask for God’s help He does provide.”

This Blog 4 days ago

Well, He has provided in abundance … rekindling in me that pure awe and wonderment in the most amazing way.

Long story short…

In 2 very different situations I did something that I can only possibly characterize as “guided by the Hand of God.” In both situations I made a decision, for reasons even unknown to me, to mention my recent spiritual rebirth in Christ in conversations with people with whom I ordinarily would never have discussed matters of faith at all.

In both of those situations, I’m going to say completely miraculously, it turned out that the other person was very interested in my testimony because they themselves are currently seeking new answers in their own spiritual lives, and wanted to hear more. Honestly, in neither of those situations could I possibly have known or guessed that in advance.

God guided me to and through those discussions in ways I couldn’t possibly have done on my own.

Truly — it was as though the Holy Spirit planted directly into me the instruction, “Just show up. I’ll take it from there,” and then He did exactly that. I wasn’t even aware of it at the time — it wasn’t like Moses and the burning bush or anything like that — it was just me carrying out previously made plans, but I was moved by the Spirit to say things I otherwise wouldn’t have said. And then totally mind-blowing things followed as a result.

That sense of pure awe and wonderment that I was praying to rediscover just a few short days ago is now burning brightly in my life again.

God is so awesome!

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