Women of the Bible: Bathsheba


Courageous conversations are quite scarce. The intensity and intricacy of matters that need to be addressed usually makes it seem better to not challenge any pre-existing perceptions.

The version of Bathsheba’s story that I grew up knowing doesn’t have trauma and misfortunes. At least when they mention the ugly parts, it never sounds half as bad. I get that we need positivity and hope, but sometimes it’s done at the cost of essential knowledge.

Bathsheba is often celebrated as Queen and the mother of King Solomon. What we barely talk about are the storms she weathered as King David’s wife. I guess this is because it’s uncommon for women to share their stories. It is thrilling now that more women are changing the trajectory of the world where speaking up is concerned.

There is a culture of abuse that is often overlooked. We see it in Bathsheba’s story. A culture…

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