Still Need Our Prayers

Y’know … I’m so new at this that practically everything is a new experience for me. Well, this is another one of those.

Every time I quiet my mind for a heart-to-heart with God the only thing in my heart is all the people in terrible situations who desperately need His help.

Honestly … I have no idea whether that means I’m being distracted by worldly goings-on or whether that means this really is what I need to be talking about with God. But I’m thinking it’s never wrong to pray about anything. So here’s my prayer list again (still).

Please help me pray:

  • …for continuing protection and progress that firefighters are making against the deadly California wildfires in the midst of a global pandemic.
  • … for those in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi in the path of a dangerous hurricane in the midst of a global pandemic.
  • … for students, teachers, school employees and their families facing uncertainty, fear and rapidly changing circumstances as the new school year begins.
  • … for a miracle for Jacob Blake, the 29 year old Black man shot in the back as his children watched, whose family says it will take a miracle for him to ever walk again.
  • … for Liberty University that it may find its way back to the Evangelical Christian roots on which it was founded.
  • … for justice for Breonna Taylor, the 26 year old African-American EMT who was killed during a no-knock late night search of her home that turned out to be based on inaccurate information.
  • … for wisdom for all our politicians, that they may find a way to work together for the good of all rather than fighting amongst one another about who is to blame for the troubles that burden our country
  • … for those in your life who need to experience God’s love to help them weather the worldly troubles they face.

Thank you, and God bless you.

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