I woke up last night with tears streaming down my face and talking out loud in my sleep, saying, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!

It took me a minute to realize that I’d been dreaming and now I was awake. And it took a little longer for me to remember what I’d been dreaming.

I was so overcome with the emotions from the dream that it took me even longer to recover enough equilibrium to be able to think about my dream.

In my dream I had already died and I was standing with Jesus, in total awe and elation at actually getting to meet Him in person. I was too awestruck to say anything but (in my dream…) Jesus had a look of sadness in His eyes and said, “I had such great plans for you but you were always too busy.”


I think that Dream was a warning.

I immediately started praying, first of all just in total gratitude for the gift of this dream and for actually giving me another chance to try to do better. I was bawling my eyes out … the first time I have actually literally cried while I was praying. A lot of the reason I was crying was in gratitude — that I’m not dead yet, and that I still have a chance to try to get it right. I also found myself pleading with God to show me what He wants of me and promising that I will listen harder and try to do whatever He asks of me.

What a (literal) Wake-Up Call!

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