Prayer Request

If anyone reading this feels so inclined, I’d appreciate any prayers for my elderly Mom who has been isolated (“no visitors”) due to the coronavirus pandemic in a continuous care community in California since last March. It is now threatened by the largest wildfire in the state, which is only 15% contained.

Please pray not only for her but for the many ill, disabled, elderly, and other high risk individuals who now apparently must choose (or have choices made for them) between exposing themselves to a deadly virus in crowded evacuation shelters or risk burning alive in pandemic isolation in an evacuation zone.

Prayers also appreciated for guidance and wisdom for those officials who design the strategies for fighting these dangerous fires, who determine mandatory evacuation zones, and who decide whether, when and where the power will be cut to inhabited residences in rolling blackouts.

And pray for protection for the firefighters and health care providers who risk their lives more times each day than most of us will in a lifetime in order to save others.

Thank you.

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