Can I “Like” Some Parts of the Bible More Than Others?

Y’know, I believe that the Bible is the Word of God.

I believe it is inerrant and perfect.

So why do I “like” some parts of it better than others? I have a nagging feeling that this reveals a shortcoming of mine rather than anything about the Bible.

Is it a sin that I can’t turn off the internal book critic in my head when I read the Bible? I have a feeling it probably is.

I’m following a Bible reading plan — a long one, that promises to guide me through the entire Bible in a year. Today’s reading was in Exodus: all the Plagues that God brought upon Egypt. Frogs, flies, snakes, gnats, locusts … yikes! I had to take a break.

I just didn’t want to be reading about frogs and plagues that kill all the Egyptians’ cattle tonight. I was really in the mood for something uplifting and profound about God, not death and destruction.

Do I get to have preferences in studying the Bible? Or do I need to cultivate a mature acceptance of, and eagerness to study, all God’s Word? What can I get out of plagues and genealogies?

Inquiring minds want to know…


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