The Hand of God

I meant to write today’s blog about submitting to God’s will. I already had gathered up some Bible verses, made notes, prayed about it, listened to inspirational music, and was all set to write.

And then I didn’t need any of that because it kind of wrote itself.

About a month ago I made a totally unremarkable purchase of a nice little red onion. I had plans for that onion, and was looking forward to its gently biting flavor in a better-than-average meal I was planning to create.

But time went by, and more time went by, and I hadn’t used it yet. It was starting to sprout in the drawer where I had stored it, so I chastised myself for not having used it yet and moved it into the fridge in hopes it would last a little longer there. Wasting food goes against every fiber of my being. I hate wasting food and go to great lengths to avoid it.

I’m also somewhat tired of COVID-19 isolation, which I am extra careful about because of some health things that put me at higher risk. So I was really looking forward to spicing up at least one day with a special dinner creation. And yet… I just never got around to using that onion.

Totally dismayed at myself for having wasted food, and sad about the much anticipated meal I never made, I eventually decided the onion had to go, and with consternation at my sloth and wastefulness I finally threw it out.

Today I received a Notice from the store at which I bought that little onion. The Notice said that onion had been part of a batch contaminated with salmonella, and if I still hadn’t eaten it yet I should immediately throw it out. The salmonella outbreak caused by those onions has sickened more than 500 people and hospitalized 59.

Honestly, at that moment I literally, physically, spiritually felt the Hand of God guiding me.

I realized that God has other plans for me.

I bowed my head in gratitude and prayed, “God, I know You have plans for me that You have not yet revealed to me. Guide me according to Your will. I’m all Yours.”

I have nothing else I could possibly write about submitting to God’s will.

This blog wrote itself.

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