Good Morning God!

It’s Monday again. Praise be for the gift of another day, another week, another chance to be the person You intend me to become! God, I thank You once again for the roof over my head, the food in my cupboard, the job I have, the health I have, the fact that I am still able to earn a paycheck to support myself. Let me never take those things for granted in these times when so many are struggling without food, shelter, or good enough health to contribute to their communities.

Help me turn to You, God, when I am challenged to live in a way pleasing to You rather than turning away from You in shame or frustration.

I read an article, God, that I thought very wise, and my hope is that I can use its wisdom to glorify You. The article was about ways that Christ-followers can be at work that will set us apart from non-believers. Honestly, these don’t seem like they only apply to a workplace, but really to everyday life in general. Today and this week I ask Your help in getting better at being living testimony to Your grace in these four ways:

  1. Be known as fair, caring, and committed to others.
  2. Be known as generous.
  3. Be known as calm and poised in the face of difficulty or failure.
  4. Be known as authentic and integrated.

As You know, God, some of these are a lot more challenging for me than others. Please help me move closer to being a person who glorifies You in my everyday interactions with others.

And help me remember to check in with You throughout the day and not become so focused on worldly concerns that I forget that You are the Way, the Truth, the Light, the Reason, and the Source for life itself.

In Jesus name I pray.


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