Do You Ever Feel Angry at Adam & Eve?

I’m sure somebody more theologically mature than I could probably explain why I shouldn’t feel angry at Adam & Eve. In fact I can even probably think of a few reasons myself:

  • This was God’s Plan all along. He knew they would sin.
  • God already dealt with Adam & Eve. I should worry about my own sins, not theirs.
  • If there were no sin, there would be no morality because there would never be the opportunity to choose to do the right thing rather than the wrong thing. It would be automatic and we’d all just be human puppets in a pre-ordained stage play.

My brain knows these things, but …

I just started a year-long Bible reading plan, to read the entire Bible in one year. Of course it started out in the beginning. God’s creation of the Heavens and the Earth is of course totally awesome. And then He created Adam and Eve and gave them the totally awesome Garden of Eden which was perfect.

And even though my brain is telling me, “Don’t go there…” in my heart I find myself feeling angry at Adam & Eve. (“You ruined it all for everybody!”) I mean, I know we can be reunited with God through Jesus. But what about those who aren’t? There are people I care about very much who are not Christian and do not want to hear about Jesus. Will they be going to Hell? Can’t I be angry at Adam & Eve for that?

But then, no… those who choose not to follow Jesus have a choice. They could choose otherwise, but they don’t.

I’m sure its not right to be angry at anyone for not choosing to follow Jesus. I mean, until very recently, I was one of that crowd. I’m pretty sure God wants us to love those who are not saved, not to be angry at them.

Why did God make this so hard? Doesn’t He love all of His creations?

I hope a year of reading the Bible will help me to understand some of these things.

I can tell I’m going to need to do a lot of praying about learning the right lessons from what I’m reading.

Dear God, I want to know you better. I hunger to read Your Word and learn about You from You. Please guide me and open my heart to receive the wisdom You have imparted, and not to misunderstand Your teachings by overlaying my own worldly take on your Word. Amen.

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