I Feel Like a Little Kid

I literally feel like a little kid.  I’m learning so many new vocabulary words … learning words to express things that I didn’t even know existed before. Just learning so much in general!  I mean, I’m just like a little kid who’s constantly saying, “Oh look, it’s a butterfly!”  “Why is the sky so big?”  “Do bugs’ Moms love their kids too?”

When I was young in worldly years I was ashamed of being a child, and kept hoping that nobody would notice. There were circumstances that forced me to grow up really fast, like my Dad’s death when I was a toddler and my Mom’s reliance on me for emotional support. So I didn’t ever really get to know what it was like to be a child. 

But now I DO feel like a child and I’m totally high on getting a “do-over”, just totally in awe and soaking up everything there is to take in. Imagine not only finally getting to be a child, but a child of GOD!!! Totally beyond words! 

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