New Here?

Welcome. I’m so glad you found us!

This is intended as a place for newbie born-again Christians of all ages — I think of us as kind of like spiritual Little Kids — where we can meet other spiritual Little Kids and share our Little-Kid-ness … almost like a spiritual neighborhood playground.

I started this website 4 weeks after my own rebirth in Christ, when I was really experiencing myself as being very much like a Little Kid in God’s realm. So much to learn! Lots of experiences I didn’t have the vocabulary to express. And lots of basic awe and amazement that I wanted to share with other people at the same stage of their spiritual lives.

I know that no two people’s spiritual rebirth in Christ is the same. Mine has been totally awesome and I’m still kind of blown away by it. You can read about mine in my blog posts.

Please feel free to tell me about yours, if you want. I’d love to hear it!

Before you write your first post, please check out the guidelines for posting here first.

Thank you, and welcome!

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